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what happens when you get 15 people in one house for one week to go snowboarding at Breckenridge? unfortunately, this is not a rant on cramming people into a house, there was no Real World-type drama, but rather an awesome awesome trip with a ton of new friends!

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6 years

6 years ago, we visited Mont Tremblant in Quebec, CA on a spring break trip made for college kids. it was definitely an experience – we rode the 12+ hours in the Jack Daniels tour bus, the conditions were mostly wet, and we learned quickly that we were easily the oldest ones in the club/bar […]

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Tremblant: Revisited

6 years ago, my two friends and I went on a spring break trip to Mont Tremblant to snowboard for a week. there were a few things we learned really quick about this ski town located 2 hours outside Montreal: (1) ski town food is really expensive and (2) the Canadian drinking age is 18 […]

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Show Off Your Pink

This past fall, Boa Technologies partnered with the Boarding 4 Breast Cancer to help raise money and awareness for early breast cancer detection. They focus on youth awareness and active lifestyle promotion campaigns. This seemed like a very unique way to donate – I’ve already got a pink breast cancer shirt and a couple related […]

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Review: Frozen (2010)

Some of the things that interested me about the movie Frozen was that it was a snowboarding/skiing movie and it was exactly the scenario I’ve talked with a few times with Mark. The summary from imdb.com sounded interesting: Three skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous […]

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Another Year

— fortune cookie from birthday dinner

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The Roaming Domo: Goes to Lake Tahoe

The Roaming Domo is back, after the fall season, changed out of his Franken-Domo outfit, and ready to travel! What’s first on the list for 2010? Lake Tahoe for some snowboarding! Below are the photos from Domo: domo at dulles domo in denver for layover do Domos and Crocs get along? Domo’s D-Wagon (Jeep Commander) […]

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Snowmageddon 2010

How does one deal with record-making snowfall over the course of a weekend? Build a mini-park for snowboarding!!!! I went and got snowed in at Mark’s for the blizzardy weekend. Camera and snowboard in hand, ready to have some snow-tastic fun. Jesse came by saturday morning to join in on the festivities. First we had […]

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Cookies and Icing

Cookies and christmastime seem to go together. People like cookies, guests like cookies, santa likes cookies – making this time of year the best time to whip out your go-to cookie recipes. While snowboarding this past weekend, the group I went with were fortunate enough to have two highly motivated cooks (neither was me, btw) […]

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My Intro to Photography

I would not categorize myself as a photographer yet. I still have a lot to learn before I think I would be comfortable saying “I’m a photographer”. I didn’t get my first digital point and shoot until maybe 2004(?), my Pentax Optio S – a little waterproof digital camera that I took everywhere. I ended up losing […]

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