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Review: Frozen (2010)

Some of the things that interested me about the movie Frozen was that it was a snowboarding/skiing movie and it was exactly the scenario I’ve talked with a few times with Mark. The summary from imdb.com sounded interesting: Three skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous […]

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Food: The Yelper Phenomenon

One of the boons of the internet is that anyone with a computer (or smart phone) can have their opinion posted online for people to see. Conversely, one of the banes of the internet is that anyone with a computer can have their opinion posted about you or your business.

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Review: Todd English’s Olives (Las Vegas)

**** LATE UPDATE **** got to meet the Todd in NYC last july! From Boston, MA, Todd English‘s Olives restaurants are described as “rustic Mediterranean” with locations in Massachusetts, Las Vegas, NYC, as well as here in DC. The two things I kept reading about the Vegas Olives was (1) get the beef carpaccio and […]

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Review: Volt

Business has been booming and reservation books have been maxed out at Volt, Chef Bryan Voltaggio’s Frederick, MD restaurant located right in the middle of downtown. His restaurant’s notoriety exploded as the chef climbed Bravo TV’s Top Chef Season 6 ladder, only losing in the end to his brother, Michael. After making reservations 2 months […]

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Food: San Diego

So this is a really late post, the original draft was written May 7, 2010. yeah. I have a backlog of posts I need to finally get out of my “drafts” folder. Anyway, last year, I was sent to San Diego for work and was excited at the prospect of being on the california coast. […]

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Review: Fredrick’s Fusion Bistro (Lake Tahoe)

Admittedly my review is a little biased because I’ve already been a fan of the executive Chef Jacob’s website and podcast at freeculinaryschool.com. His podcasts and online videos help viewers learn about the cooking techniques he learned from his time at the California Culinary Academy. I started listening to his podcasts from the beginning, and […]

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Review: Crumpler Complete Seed with PhotoBucket

I am a bit of a bag collector. Not purses. Bags. I have a slight preference for Crumpler bags since getting my first one several years ago at one of the company’s “Beer for Bags” events – where you bring them beer and they give you a bag. They had a “beer exchange rate” which […]

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Review: Doughnut v. Donut

No, I’m not going to get into which way is the correct way to spell doughnut/donut, but rather, this is a review of one of the last Wade-fests in NYC. My cousin and I went to both the Doughnut Plant and the Donut Pub to compare the ‘nuts. Because of the constant differentiation between the […]

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DC Restaurant Week: Taberna del Alabardero

I love this place. I’m saying this up front so you understand I already have a little bias towards this place. I’ve been wanting to come back here for a few years now, I think the last time I was here was about 3 years ago – and the decor remains (as far as I […]

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A Look At: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Super-Wide Lens

As I mentioned earlier, my first usable “walk-around” lens is my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. This is actually still my favorite lens due to the super-wide recti-linear perspective. This means that straight lines stay straight even though the perspective is wider than the normal eye can see***. Lines get exaggerated especially at the corners, so its […]

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