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Light Graffiti Project

It started with a little love. Since Halloween was coming, a lot of people started posting their light graffiti online (here, here, here, and here). If you want more instruction, you can download the pdf here. whether you are making urban art, writing your name in the air, or just drawing neon sign-looking pictures in […]

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Review: CoCo Flash Adapter

As you may already know, finding the perfect light modifier for the flashgun/hot shoe flash is tricky. there are a lot of options out there. they all have their strengths and weaknesses, the one I want to focus on is the CoCo Flash Adapter.

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Wedding Photography: Do’s and Don’ts

DO: scout the location of possible, or at least make the drive between any photo locations you are going to (eg, hotel, venue, scenic stops) DON’T: be a pansy when it comes to posing people or getting people out of your shot. especially with outdoor weddings – you’re fighting the sunlight/sunset. you need to move […]

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Another Year

— fortune cookie from birthday dinner

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Blog-iversary Month!

So I can’t believe how quickly a year has passed. Since Mark set me up with this sweet blog url and website (he also customized the theme and layout), I’ve been trying to do it justice by writing as much as I can. Although I had a rocky start, I think I’ve kind of found […]

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Photo Rights (Repost from Petapixel)

Knowing your photo rights is incredibly important. although I have yet to be stopped for taking photos, I want to be prepared in case it happens. Websites like Carlos Miller’s documents inappropriate law enforcement activity and the huge misconceptions about photography in public. The biggest misconception: photographing federal buildings is illegal. Think about it this […]

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Travel: San Diego 2010

Although I had a conference to attend during the week I was there, San Diego turned out to be a great trip. This was the first time I’d ever been to southern California (aside from Tahoe, but that doesn’t really count since we stayed in Nevada) so I wanted to make the most of it. […]

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Engagement Photos: SolAmanda

Nevermind the ever-present question of why you would need engagement photos – I don’t really understand it entirely. But Sol and Amanda wanted some engagement photos done, and they were willing to feed me charlottesville food in exchange. nice trade, eh? Now I had two willing models who would let me photograph them all day! […]

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Fotoweek DC 2009: Fight Club

At Artomatic 2009, Mark and I stumbled upon two photographers who were in charge of Fotoweek DC. This is a great exhibition of photos displayed in gallery spaces in DC, mainly in the Georgetown neighborhood. One definitely stuck out, though. The “underground” skate park known as Fight Club. A skating mecca for DC skateboarders especially […]

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A Look At: Nikon Lens Pen Kit

I came across this product a while ago, and was very impressed with the lens pen. When I bought my Nikon Lens Pen Kit, it was about $22, where the individual large pen was about $15. I decided to spring for the kit becuase of the 2nd smaller pen and the additional cloths. This kit […]

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