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Things i love: the Moth

if you haven’t been introduced to The Moth yet, you are missing out. not only do they have a great podcast, they also have live storytelling that take place predominantly in LA and New York City. I had the opportunity last week to attend a live show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Before the show, […]

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ahh, if only….

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Popovers: BLT Steak (NYC) Recipe

on a serendipitous business lunch, my cousin got to have the gruyere popovers at BLT Steak in NYC accompanied with a little card that has the recipe. So she sent the recipe and I got to baking!

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Why New York is Awesome: the Highline

New York City is easily my favorite city to visit. it’s super accessible and always interesting. Last time I was there, I wanted to see the Highline, but didn’t get the chance. This past trip, my cousin took me there to see new york’s growing urban park being developed on existing train tracks spanning from […]

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9 Years

I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center towers. It was my 2nd year in college and my old freshman roommate, Travis, called me and said “a plane just crashed into the world trade tower”. I think I had recently woken up and I thought […]

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Review: BGR (and a little of BRGR)

*** Update (from eater.com): Washington, DC-area burger restaurant chain BGR The Burger Joint thought their burgers needed to be a little more Jersey, and thus are introducing the Snooki Burger next month. After calling for suggestions online, responses included “stuffed with an Italian sausage” and “marinated in tequila and desperation.” BGR reminds me a LOT […]

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Review: We Live in Public (2009)

We Live in Public is a documentary I watched a while ago in Netflix, but haven’t gotten around to reviewing it till now. The synopsis from IMDB is: On the 40th anniversary of the Internet, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC tells the story of the effect the web is having on our society as seen through […]

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NYC March 2010

my most favorite city in the world is New York City. Granted, I’ve only been to a handful of places, but whenever I travel, NYC seems to remain at the top of my list. I seem to keep adding more and more things I like about NY each trip, and this one was no exception. […]

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The Roaming Domo: NYC

So not unlike you or me, the Franken-Domo likes to travel. This is sort of a combination food/travel post about some places in NYC. I like to go to visit new york primarily (if not entirely) focused on food, eating, and the walking that takes place between the first two. Every so often, I get […]

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Review: Doughnut v. Donut

No, I’m not going to get into which way is the correct way to spell doughnut/donut, but rather, this is a review of one of the last Wade-fests in NYC. My cousin and I went to both the Doughnut Plant and the Donut Pub to compare the ‘nuts. Because of the constant differentiation between the […]

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