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Legendary Shawshank

There is a short list of movies that leave a distinct impression on me, to the point where I can recall whole scenes or remember what it was like the first time watching it. The Shawshank Redemption has been my favorite movie of all time for long while, along with the Usual Suspects. There are […]

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Hollywood Crushes: 2010

It’s getting to be that time of year again for the hollywood crush roundup. last year’s list was pretty long so I decided to change it up and go with all TV crushes: I didn’t watch the series Lipstick Jungle, but Lindsay Price made a guest appearance on HIMYM and I thought her looks were […]

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Crazy-Hot Scale v2.0-beta

This is not a new concept. It has been written about here, here, and featured in an episode of HIMYM. The basic idea is that you can essentially chart everyone on a graph based on 2 criteria: how hot they are and how crazy they are. This makes a few assumptions: Assumption 1: you do […]

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Fall Outlook

This is a great time of year. September marks the beginning of the awesome time of year. Not only is winter (and therefore snowboarding season) just around the corner, but the chilly evenings means hoodies and jeans! 1. school is back in session. hopefully this translates to fewer tourists on the subway, albeit possible we’re […]

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Hollywood Crushes: 2009

Who doesn’t have some kind of hollywood or celebrity crush? It’s perfectly normal… right? Well here are mine, in no particular order: Maggie Gyllenhaal If she’s good enough for The Dark Knight, she’s good enough for me. And a part of me hopes her actual personality is like her Stranger Than Fiction character – that […]

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The Roaming Domo: Preface

Who says “nothing good ever happens after 2am”? (re: HIMYM S1 E: 2AM) A few saturdays ago, Fred called me after a night out (around 3am) to see if I was awake. here is the (paraphrased) conversation: F: hey, you up? W: yeah, what’s up? F: you want to make me an omelette? W: I […]

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