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Review: Macaron Cafe

French? Check. Coffee? Check. Macarons? Check.

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Popovers: BLT Steak (NYC) Recipe

on a serendipitous business lunch, my cousin got to have the gruyere popovers at BLT Steak in NYC accompanied with a little card that has the recipe. So she sent the recipe and I got to baking!

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FAIL: Lost in Translation (Popsicle)

sucrose? do we need to be that specific with the type of sugar pop this is?

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Taiwan: New Fruits

Wax apples. These were my favorite fruit by far. I’ve never seen them at the grocery stores here, but I wish we had these. They have a waxy skin, as the name alludes to, but a super crisp, light, and sweet taste. The whole thing can be eaten, unless you get a slightly more matured […]

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Shilin Night Market

Located across the street from the Jiantan (not Shilin) station on the Danshui (red) line in Taipei, the Shilin Night Market is one of the more famous night markets in Taipei. It is not only famous for the street vendors who sell all sorts of delicious street food, but also the stores and nightlife. By […]

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The Levels of Foodies

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” great quotable movies aside, I am so glad people are writing about the “foodie phenomenon”. As you know from my earlier post, I very much dislike being called a foodie. Although the term is not really controversial, I think its meanings are different for different people. part of […]

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Happy Halloween 2010

Very Late Post – but hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! Instead of going to the rally in DC, my friends Justin and Victor came over and we watched the live broadcast of the Rally to Restore Sanity on TV (which was AWESOME!) and ate delicious foods: Flank Steak Peas and Bacon Sweet Potato […]

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PSA: Poutine

It has recently come to my attention that a lot of people do not know what poutine is, nor would be able to recognize it. This is my PSA for poutine: it is a popular dish in Canada that is a gloriously layered meal consisting of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Alternatives include the […]

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The Edible Kingdom: 2-Legged Edibles

Continuing from my previous post on 4-legged delicious animals, I’ve moved to 2-legged beasts of flavor. Because of the limited amount of 2-legged edibles out there, I’ve only got a top 2 for this list. Starting off the countdown is the most popular of meats, the one animal that most others seem to taste like: […]

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My Nemesis: the Raw Onion

French onion soup is one of my all-time favorite soups. my homemade chili requires 3-4 medium onions per pot. My mirepoix doesn’t short the onion of its 1:1:1 ratio to carrots and celery. I eat pickled cippolini onions like they’re popcorn. I like to use shallots in salad dressings and my chicken piccata. The cooked […]

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