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100 Foods

I first saw this list through facebook and wanted to see just how many of these I’ve crossed off the list. I like that the list is very diverse in terms of ethnic and unique foods, however, if you live in a metropolitan area, you’ve likely been exposed to a lot of these already. some […]

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Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium

Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium, located in Frederick, MD, is a unique find in the DC area. During the last trip to Volt, we walked around and visited a few places. Appropriately named “L.O.V.E.”, owner Maggie Lebherz has a store on Market St. in downtown Frederick that invites customers to come in a taste their […]

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Table 21 – Volt

you can read about my first trip to Volt and how great it was. I was itching for another opportunity to go again. my friend invited me to go be a part of their reservation for Table 21, the chef’s table in the kitchen of Chef Bryan Voltaggio’s top notch restaurant. There are 8 seats […]

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ImprovEverywhere NYC July 2011

  *** UPDATE *** The video is up! Check it out at ImprovEverywhere.com! Most of the time when I visit New York City, there isn’t a really formal plan for the weekend. Usually I just go to visit my cousin and walk around the city and eat (maybe gorge is the better word) whatever food […]

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4th of July, Maine 2011

This is a late post, but still something worth sharing. 4th of July was particularly special this year. I was invited to go to a lake house to celebrate and be with new friends.

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Review: Dinosaur Barbecue

when you walk through the front doors, you know you’re in a barbecue place. the entire place smells like delicious woodsmoke. so before I start, there is a difference between barbecue and grilling. Barbecue is typically thought of as the “low and slow” cooking that usually involves larger cuts of meat like ribs, pork shoulder, […]

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Dew Flavors!

Mountain Dew Pitch Black (grape) and Supernova (melon/strawberry) are here!!!!! I’m so glad pitch black is back, I love grape sodas. it’s a grape soda with caffeine, awesome! This is consistent with their line of flavored sodas, like Distortion, which is kind of like the Baja Blast: Their throwback: and my favorite, Whiteout

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Beehive Smoker Project

My friend Arlene and I embarked on the ceramic pot smoker project described on this website, which references the Alton Brown ceramic flower pot smoker video to show how you put it together. Instead of using the same shape/style of flower pots, the two I found turned out to look like a beehive when put […]

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36 Hours: NYC Food

Totto Ramen

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Food: Coca-Cola Caviar

Spherification. What? Spherification. Oh! Yes. I wanted to try out the spherification techniques used by high end restaurants and gastro-pubs to encapsulate a little bit of liquid in a thin, gelatin-like layer. The end result is something that looks like fish roe or caviar depending on the base liquid.

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