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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Government workers (aka “govvies”) get a bad reputation for many many things. Based on this article, government workers are getting paid on average of 20% less than those in the private sector. Another article suggests a more in-depth review that government works are overpaid in certain pay areas, but underpaid in others. I find the […]

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Blind Leaders – Dick Sarles

I think the disparity between organization leaders and the consumers that use the organization services could not be more apparent than with the WMATA. Here is my take on urban, public transportation: – it should be affordable for most people (not including those who are high-earners) – it should have a large enough network to […]

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Metro Fare – How Does it Compare?

It is no surprise that Metro is still in the red. Funding is still a huge problem and it doesn’t look like we subway commuters are going to get any reprieve anytime this year. It seems after reading commentary after commentary on the upcoming WMATA fare hikes, that they all revolve around Metro not having […]

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FAIL: Lost in Translation (Popsicle)

sucrose? do we need to be that specific with the type of sugar pop this is?

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FAIL: Lost in Translation (Sign)

perhaps you should get someone to double check your translation before you make a sign and offend people.

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PSA: The Worst Photo Pose Ever

I don’t have a picture of it because I don’t like taking photos of it. There is no doubt in my mind you have seen it before – group of friends get together (usually asian) to take a photo. everyone’s smiling and being fun, and then someone whips out the peace sign before the shutter […]

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What Changed in a Year?

Mary Doolittle, 59 Veronica DuBose, 29 Ana Fernandez, 40 Dennis Hawkins, 64 LaVonda Nicole King, 23 Jeanice McMillan, 42 Ann Wherley, 62 Retired Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr., 62 Cameron Taihi Williams, 37 The greatest dark spot in WMATA’s recent memory is the red line crash last year that took the lives of 9 […]

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Fail: Gross and Brown

I could only think of one thing when I saw this truck, and it wasn’t masonry

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FAIL: DC Metrorail

Ahh, the DC Metro system, run by the WMATA, has been under a magnifying glass since the WMATA Red Line crash on June 22nd. The Washington Post has extensive information about the track circuits and how that may have been the primary reason why the crash occurred between Takoma and Fort Totten stations. 9 riders […]

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