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Blog Mash-up

There are many blogs I try to keep up with. I like to read local ones, mostly because the places and events are more relevant. I had this idea to try to mash up two blog posts to make a more interesting and hopefully funny-to-read blog post. I figured I like mash-up songs, why not […]

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Rant: Un-Constructive Criticism

So I understand that one of the great things about the internet is that anyone can voice their opinion about anything. websites like Yelp help consumers find places with consistently high ratings, as written by users. The inherent problem is that you get good reviews that provide a reasonable amount of depth and you get […]

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Local Blog: Metro-Venture

I like to read up on local blogs, especially when it comes to the subway – staying abreast of information and news helps me be more aware of what goes on while I’m at the station. It seems like when it comes to the subway system, bloggers are more accurate and forthcoming than WMATA is […]

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Blogger Crush: DateMeDC

*** UPDATE *** it looks like I may have published this post a little too late. DateMeDC may be taking a break from blogging a while, but don’t let that stop you from reading her posts. Her blog is both very personal and very public, and this latest post demonstrates that she, too, is human. […]

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Blog-iversary Month!

So I can’t believe how quickly a year has passed. Since Mark set me up with this sweet blog url and website (he also customized the theme and layout), I’ve been trying to do it justice by writing as much as I can. Although I had a rocky start, I think I’ve kind of found […]

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Rant: Metro Sucks (a quickie)

After reading the following post, I became somewhat infuriated at how the writer glosses over the major reasons why we consider some public transportation good and some transportation bad.

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Blogger Crush: Jillian Madison

So after reading posts from PopHangover.com and Food Network Humor, it took me several months to realize that all the posts that I like were written by the same person: Jillian Madison. and so she has joined a very select group of people (I’ve never met) that are considered my “blog crushes” – or “brushes”…. […]

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Link: Cooking for Engineers

A new link I added to the right is the Cooking for Engineers website dedicated to recipes and reviews from a more analytical viewpoint. I like finding my internet doppelgangers, this guy has several similarities: – last names differ by one letter – he takes photos of food while making them with his slr – […]

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Food: Cake Wrecks Blog

I stumbled upon this Blog today and found it hilarious. It has photos and commentary on professional cake makers, specifically focusing on their blunders. my favorites include That’s Some Spout and Sarcasm!.

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