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Popovers: BLT Steak (NYC) Recipe

on a serendipitous business lunch, my cousin got to have the gruyere popovers at BLT Steak in NYC accompanied with a little card that has the recipe. So she sent the recipe and I got to baking!

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2011: Dawn of the New Year

Happy New Year! Yes, I realize this is a picture from independence day, I’ll have to post the real NYE pics later. I was thinking about resolutions and although I usually don’t make any specific ones, this year I think I’m going to try to accomplish something difficult with baking. this will either be macarons […]

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Baking: Popovers Attempt 4 (Baseline)

Ok, so this is attempt #4. I went back to the original recipe to get another baseline of what the basic popovers turn out like. I followed the original recipe and baked them up.

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Baking: Popovers Attempt 3

of the three batches of popovers, this was easily the worst. Variables changed: – changed the cooking temp to 15 minutes at 400 degrees, then 15 minutes at 3:50 – added about 2 tablespoons more milk to original recipe

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Baking: Popovers Attempt 2

On this attempt, I was working with the remainder of the double-batch I made for attempt 1. This was so I could concentrate on the cooking time while searching for the perfect popover. Variables changed: – batter was left overnight in fridge – brought the baking time down to 25 minutes from 30. – in […]

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Baking: Popovers Attempt 1

My cousin made me popovers over the summer, and they were delicious. I’ve had popovers before, but I was never really impressed – probably because they were made in a restaurant and were not served piping hot right out of the oven. if not eaten straight from the oven, they tend to get soggy and […]

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Laurel and Mark’s Wedding

This may have been the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to. It wasn’t necessarily that the wedding itself was moving or particularly fun, but I think the combination of two large groups of family and friends who liked to have fun along with the accommodations being almost perfect made this wedding weekend one of […]

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Food: A Simple Soup and Bread Dinner

I love soup. I love soup and bread. I can make bread. now I want soup to go with it. minestrone, chicken noodle, beef & barley, italian wedding, tomato, roasted red pepper and tomato, butternut squash, vegetable, miso, tom-yum, chili, and french onion – the feature of this post. My french onion soup may or […]

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Food: Dutch Oven Baked Honey Bread

Continuing the bread obsession I’ve been having, see the 1st post for the basic recipe and my 2nd post for the sesame version, I decided I wanted to make a lightly sweetened honey bread using the same dutch oven technique to get that delicious chewy crust. In addition to the flour (20 oz by weight), […]

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Food: Dutch Oven Baked Sesame Bread

A variation I’ve been wanting to try since baking the first loaf from Ratio is a sesame bread. I used the same basic recipe, but then coated the proofed dough with water and covered it with untoasted sesame seeds (which I got for a great price at Buon Italia in chelsea market). I pre-heated my […]

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