Blogger Crush: DateMeDC

*** UPDATE ***

it looks like I may have published this post a little too late. DateMeDC may be taking a break from blogging a while, but don’t let that stop you from reading her posts. Her blog is both very personal and very public, and this latest post demonstrates that she, too, is human. it kind of reminds of the We Live In Public documentary about Josh Harris’ internet experiment where he put his personal life in the fishbowl of the internet, which he ultimately stopped because of how it affected him. her style of writing/blogging is very well done, and I hope she’ll continue, even if it isn’t about dating in DC. Best Wishes, Katie.

I think I should probably preface this by explaining what a blogger crush is to me. A blogger crush is obviously on someone who blogs. but not only that, has a blog you like reading and like the style in which it is written, and gives you some insight on the writer. There are blogs I read (like UnSuck) that I find very interesting and well written, but they lack a bit of a human element where I don’t really know much about him. UnSuck reports very good information, but I don’t really know anything about the anonymous writer other than we share the same views on DC’s crappy subway system.

My previous blogger crush has a blog about food network (A+ for content), superimposes funny/ridiculous images to screen captures to make her point (A+ for funny), and has a very sarcastic sense of humor that comes across on the blog (A+ for sarcasm) – sometimes it seems like you can tell when her voice is escalating or getting louder as she rants about the latest FN faux pas.

So that brings me to a new blogger crush, Katie of DateMeDC. From what I could gather from reading her posts, she started this blog after getting out of a super long-term relationship where she feels she missed out on the prime “going-out” years. She’s definitely making up for it as evidenced by the dozens of date’s she has documented on her blog. some of her dates are even aware of the blog! She has a level of sarcasm that makes Food Network Humor sound like compliments – it makes you laugh a little as you read on about her dating wins and disasters.

So not only does this blog have stories about her dates and dating in general (A+ on content), she also has a great sarcastic sense of humor (A+ on humor), she draws funny pictures to demostrate her point (like the “wallet dance” when it comes time to pay for dinner), and most importantly, she has what seems to be a healthy dose of introspection when it comes to her dating and what she’s looking for. this human element takes her from seeming like a sarcastic bitch 24/7 to someone you can actually empathize with and like.

So anyway, I’ve added her to the list of blogs I read – see if you like her humor or maybe her sarcasm is too much. the more you read the blog the more you find out about her dating history/past – apparently the public blog is the censored version and only her inner circle gets access to the really juicy stuff. she throws in her words of wisdom (“allessons” and “gospel according to john“) as well that stem from her dates. I think my favorite part is the crude, MS Paint quality pictures she uses to highlight her point.

Take a visit to DateMeDC, and if you’re brave enough, email her to go out (fair warning, she knows what she’s looking for, so read the blog to see if you’re a match).

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    halfsie babies are the most beautiful!!!

  3. Evvi
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    Wade – you’re right, she’s a riot. Her comment about wearing heels and the guy paying… spot on. Now that I’m not in DC I’ll def want to read this.

    ::Adds one more blog to google reader::

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