Life: Sol’s Proposal

On Monday, I participated in Sol’s plan to propose to his girlfriend of 6 years, Amanda. After picking out the ring Sunday with some help from Sabrina and Wanda (under the guise of “moving office furniture”), he then drove down to Amanda’s parents place to get their approval on Wednesday (he told Amanda he had an early conference call with clients in the U.K. so he had to leave the house really early to make up for the 5 hr time difference). Thursday and friday Sol got me involved to plan out the actual proposal, which Sol wanted something with candles in the backyard but needed amanda out of the house to set up the surprise. I laid down some ground work to get amanda to come “work clothes” shopping with me on monday – she had previously picked out some cool polos that I wear for work on fridays. Sol kind of gave me the run down of how he wanted things to go and I came up with this mock-up in terms of photos I wanted to take for the proposal:

Mock up 1

I know the proportions aren’t right, but you get the idea.

Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and Candles made the path through the house

Anyway, monday finally came and it went off almost perfectly. Sol had taken a half-day to start setting things up and getting any necessary things for decoration. Amanda and I made plans for me to go pick her up and go to Tysons to “shop” (aka, kill time until sol called me to go back). Sol told Amanda he would have to work late due to a “software problem” – and this is just the tip of the trickery.

Amanda and I got to the mall and shopped around and walked. I get a call from Sol (whom I was speaking to like my cousin) and he says that there’s a delay due to the neighbors being out on their deck (which faces their backyard) and he would message when it would be ok to come back. This was the opportunity to create the “reason I can’t stay and hang out with amanda after the mall” – where my “cousin” (sol) reminded me of a dinner I was supposed to go to.

Now, the neighbors apparently stayed longer than expected and sol eventually had to shoo them inside (he was more polite than that sounds). And at this point, we are about an hour off schedule and I get the text to bring amanda back. So I dropped her off to a darkened house and quickly drove off. I parked in a visitors spot and quickly grabbed my camera stuff and ran along the back fence and into their backyard – hiding under their deck while sol proposed amongst the candles. You get the idea from the photos below.

Amanda looks down from the deck at Sol

img alt=”Sol looks up at Amanda” src=”” title=”from ground – low angle” width=”682″ height=”1024″ />

the proposal

immediately post-proposal

This is the actual reaction right after the proposal. Most of the others are posed (obviously, you can’t have a guy taking pictures crowding up your proposal!)

Sol telling family the good news

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  1. Vivia
    Posted August 27, 2009 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    i wondered how this would be so i’m glad you posted something…it looks absolutely LOVELY! i especially like the photo of the candle and sunflower seeds.

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