My Introduction to an ND Filter

Hawaii - Oahu 2013-6128.jpg

The Neutral Density (ND) filter was something I’d always heard about but didn’t really understand why I would need one considering software can apply filters in post-processing. It wasn’t until a recent trip to Hawaii which I really put the ND filter to use. I did some research and realized if I wanted those soft water fall pictures I’d seen in magazines, I would need to get an ND filter or hope for a somewhat cloudy, dark day. So before my trip, I picked up an B+W ND8 filter and did some practice runs on the street with moving cars.

The photo above was taken at f/22, 0.5″, 46mm, ISO 50. It was a super sunny day and I had to play around with the settings to get it to expose right.

Hawaii - Oahu 2013-6321-2.jpg

This one was shot about the same: f/22, 0.3″, 30mm, ISO 50 – it had about the same lighting conditions as the waterfall. It was interested to see how dark an ND8 filter made the available light. I didn’t have any problems with stacking a circular polarizer on top of the ND8 in the above and below pictures – although I’m sure some people are going to scream about image quality or whatever. I also put the circular polarizer and ND8 combo on top of my UV/Haze filter too (gasp!).

Hawaii - Oahu 2013-6308.jpg

It took a while to get used to composing landscapes – very different than the candid and portraiture I’m more used to. I really like the results and want to try some other neutral density techniques, like making people “disappear”. let me know what you think or how else I could improve landscape photography, it is definitely something I need to work on!


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    Love your blog Wade! Your photos are beautiful and I hope to learn from your photography experience.Will you be at Artomatic this year too? I will make sure to visit your wall again 🙂 Hugs!

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