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I present you with the most ridiculous email I’ve received at work, and some quick tips on how not present yourself as an ass to your entire department.

the staff at work received the following email (names have been replaced to maintain anonymity) written by one of our Clinical Specialist pharmacists. this is the email verbatim, ridiculous ampersands, poor grammar, and incomplete sentences:

Good day!

With all due respect to you [Department Chief], I believe this e-mail is another “Slap in the Face” to Pharmacist in general & especially to Pharmacist Supervisors in particular [Associate Chief 1] & [Associate Chief 2] who are here & you go over them & ask us to contact a non Pharmacist in your absence for Pharmacy related matters. Let’s not forget [Clinical Specialist] is still in the house & she does have management experience.

I will use this Afrikan proverb to illustrate my position on this issue “it will be a savage contest to engage a Dog & a Lion & then present the Dog with a Laureate”.

I have said this many time in private conversations & I’m putting it out in public because I always felt very strongly about the matter. I believe Pharmacy Department should be run by Pharmacist & not Admistrative staff member as it’s in this department [Administrative Officer with over 40 yrs experience] was the Field Marshall during her tenure; it wasn’t the right thing.

I have nothing against her successor but I will hope a Pharmacist run all Pharmacy Department issues & that will include Procurement because a lot of time important life saving Meds are out, not because of back order but somebody forgot or don’t know the importance of having Dopamine, Phenylephine, IV Multivitamin just yesterday to name a few. I needed Multivitamin IV for a Banana Bag I was told we don’t have any. If a pharmacist is in charge with all the modern Technology that will tell him or her the inventories of what’s low the Pharmacist will then direct the Tech’s to those low inventories for confirmation. This is all about Patients care & safety.

I felt a Pharmacy Chief or Director & his or her assiociates should be hands on day to day pharmacy issues. Yes we need admistrative staffs but they should not be in control to justify ridiculous higher salary.

I obviously have several incidents of professional issue that has been addressed by admistrative officer.

Where to begin?
so to give you some background, those who aren’t in the pharmacy field, Clinical Pharmacy Specialists are pharmacists who have completed some type of specialized training (residency, usually) in a specific area like oncology, nutrition, intensive care, emergency department, surgery, etc. Schools regard ‘Clin Specs” as the top position a non-management pharmacist can earn. It is surprising, then, that this Clin Spec would send such a poorly shaped email to the ENTIRE STAFF, when it should have been addressed to his supervisor and the chief only (maybe the AO).

What’s with the “proverb”?
did he just compare the AO to a DOG? and Clin Specs (or pharmacists by proxy) as Lions? if you’re going to use a crappy proverb, at least explain it so people can at least try to understand what you’re saying.

“with all due respect”
I think people use this pre-emptive statement to insult someone. like the “I don’t mean this to be rude….” or “don’t take this the wrong way….”. if I ever receive an email like this, I’m going to think one thing: that you’re a coward and need to learn how adults deal with issues in the real world.

the AO apparently was a “field marshall”?
I never got along super well with the AO he’s referring to (and haven’t really met the new one), but I also never clashed with the AO. I didn’t have a problem with her despite some tense situations. my overall feeling of her is that she got the job done. she got in the face of who she needed to, contacted people when she needed to hit a deadline. as far as I know she was aggressive with her way of dealing with problems and deadlines – he probably butt heads with her on issues like having drug unavailable and everything, considering she’s looking at a hard budget ceiling and there has been a national drug shortage for an extremely wide variety of medications (think supply/demand, fewer available drug = price vulturing and gouging). if the AO was a field marshall, she was the kind I’d want in pharmacy – keeping us on time, on budget, and not willing to take crap she didn’t deserve.

I have issues with this guy’s take on procurement and how it is structured. his fundamental understanding of procurement is flawed. our procurement department is actually not under the pharmacy umbrella – they’re credit card holders and are under another department. so we could have a pharmacist supervise, but they would have no teeth because they can’t do any disciplining as they have to work within the bounds of the other department. if you’re going to criticize an area of pharmacy, at least have some cursory knowledge of it.

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    I think the best tip I got about sending an angry email response (work-related or not) was this: Write the email, then send it to yourself. Wait a bit and read the email. If you still feel like something needs to be said, then hopefully you’re in a position to send it with a clear head.

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