Halloween 2012 – Domo

Halloween 2012 has come and gone, always seems too quick, doesn’t it? in light of last year’s hit halloween costume of Racing Teddy, I wanted to make another giant head. there were some improvements to be made, though. The Teddy head was a shoulder-mounted design where my forehead counterbalanced a bit of webbing that hooked into the back of my belt so it wouldn’t flop around when I moved. this limited my ability to turn my head, which was compounded by my limited field of vision. I wanted to make a giant head where I could be mobile, and it wouldn’t be too heavy to wear all night – enter the design for this year’s halloween costume: Domo

domo blueprint

the original plan was to make a whole body that would kind of just be suspended in air but as I got going on the build, it got harder to make a design that wouldn’t restrict my movement so I just went for a head.

helmet mount

The outer shell is the same as teddy: hexagonal chicken wire and paper mache. the internal frame is a bicycle helmet with some PVC pipe, with zip ties to link it to the chicken wire. I used a cardboard box to help hold the chicken wire in place as I linked the shell to the internal frame.

zip tie pvx attachment

Then begins the paper mache:

layer 1

I cut out the holes for the eyes, and put a layer of brown spray paint to hide the newspaper and create a base for the spray adhesive I’d use for the fuzzy layer

spray paint layers

After taking my kitchen knife to three skeins of brown yarn, I had tiny pieces of yarn to stick to the outer layer. this took a long time to get it to stick. I used hot glue to put the red reflectors on (one of those sticks you put at the end of your driveway to mark the entrance) and to mount the red LED bicycle indicator lights behind the holes I cut out.

so fluffy!

The eyes could remain on consistently, or blinking rapidly.

here comes fun!

and when you add a brown snuggie, it works out pretty well. what do you think? do they look alike?


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