Get Home Bag – Hurricane Edition

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast and wouldn’t you know it? work wants me to come in still. this isn’t the first time work has asked me to come in during inclement weather. the last time, I wore my snowboarding pants to work and had to hoof it to the subway station to get (mostly) home.

for this storm, I have packed the following:

get home bag - frankenstorm edition

Extra clothes – packed in a watertight pack with a purge valve to remove the air to save space. this is just in case I can’t make it home and have to stay at a friend’s place. I have a pair of gore-tex over-socks and a wool midlayer as well.

first aid kit, flashlight, multi-tool, waterproof matches, and emergency radio – you never know

nalgene bottle and steripen – 1 liter of water to start, and a steripen to sterilize and questionable water in case of emergency. if the power goes out for too long, the water pumps (for city water) don’t generate the gravity pressure for water to reach homes. sometimes the treatment plants lose power and they have people boil water until they can confirm it’s ok to drink. a steripen solves the problem of bacteria and viruses in water, but unfortunately won’t do anything for the taste.

recharger cable and battery pack – my cell phone eats up batter power so it helps to bring along a backup

This is a situation where I’ll be driving to work, as opposed to taking the subway (which happens to be closed on 10/29, btw). I’m keeping some dehydrated camp food, my camp stove and can of gas in the car in case I really can’t get home and don’t want to burden my friend’s hurricane supplies.

so the idea behind a “get home bag” is to get home from work or other place. most people just leave them in their car, but because I commute, I mostly keep a few basic things on me because I don’t trust the subway to do their job well when an emergency occurs.

there is a lot of good reading out for get-home bags, but the absolute basic pack this one, where the guy assumes the worst – that you have to hoof it all the way home or to safety. This one is a bit more extensive and has more survivalist stuff in it, but basically you pack what you can to get you home, to a friend’s place, or to safety. this hurricane gives us the advantage in that it was predictable in that we know this disaster will involve a lot of rain and high winds so there might be downed trees blocking streets and high flood waters.

if you haven’t already, try to put together a basic get home bag to keep in your car. ideally we should all have an emergency preparedness kit (or “bug-out bag”) at home. I’ve been meaning to update my previous emergency readiness post, so I think I’ll get that up soon.

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  1. Roger Sterling
    Posted October 29, 2012 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

    Obviously, being Oriental, your innate knowledge of kung fu would ward off most human attacks. However, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what kind of weaponry would you add to your disaster bag?

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