Teddy’s Last Outing

This is the first time I’ve been able to use my halloween costume again. After waiting for the DC to “thaw” from our super mild winter, baseball season is upon us and I was finally able to debut the Racing Teddy giant head at Nationals Stadium for a Nat’s game!

Stage 8 - AWESOME!

as you may remember, it took about 6 weeks for me to put the head together with chicken wire, elmers glue, newspapers, and a bunch of paint:

In the end, the giant head was a big hit. anyone who’s seen the 4th-inning presidents’ race at a National’s game knows that teddy never wins, despite the fan following of Let Teddy Win.

I wasn’t sure how this day would go, but the first encounter with security was not good. The security guy got the manager to look at the head and she called it to her supervisors who gave her a quick “not allowed in”. I then asked her to see if we could get teddy to come to the gate so I can get my picture. she seemed pretty happy to help and got teddy to come by. In the end, I was let in with the head, but because it was so hot on Sunday, I wasn’t able to stay in our seats in Section 108 for when they do the “biggest nat’s fan” promo piece on the big screen during the 6th inning.

teddys last outing

Teddy got his day out. He got to meet real Teddy. cue “I will remember you” music.

two teddys at today's game!

Summer 2012-4189.jpg

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