The Roaming Domo: Staunton, VA

Previous trips with Roaming Domo included Lake Tahoe and New York, but the latest trip took Domo to Staunton, VA.


Staunton. Virginia.

“Where is that?”

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it is about a 3.5 hr drive from northern VA, at the intersection of interstate 81 and 64. It seemed like the perfect place to escape the city and enjoy some peace and quiet out at the foothills of the Appalachians. And where does Domo stay when he wants to treat himself?

Staunton VA 2012-0182.jpg

A B&B modeled after Anne Hathaway’s home in England (wife of Shakespeare, not the hollywood actress). after settling in, he went to one of the local wineries (there are about a dozen wineries within driving distance of Staunton) to check out the goods!

Staunton VA 2012-0154.jpg

on the way, we had to stop and take a photo of Domo and a giant dinosaur statue located in Waynesboro. it is next to a hot dog, burger, and fries shop, so that is presumably a hotdog in the T-Rex’s mouth.

Staunton VA 2012-0176.jpg

the Blue Mountain Brewery offered not only awesome outdoor seating with a nice yard with cornhole set up, but there was a real hops garden where they grew the hops for their beer. it was a hop-topian experience!

Staunton VA 2012-0169.jpg

along with a delicious lunch of pulled pork and mushroom & swiss burger. Their fries were quite good too!

Staunton VA 2012-0175.jpg

Downtown Staunton was also pretty nice. the historic district is basically one street (Beverly), which has all the restaurants and popular shops. We ate at Zynodoa and had a great experience. they source their food from local purveyors and have them all listed on a big board, one of which is Polyface Farms. it appears to be Staunton’s premiere restaurant – I equate it to how Volt is situated in Frederick, MD. It was good and we had leftovers for the following day’s hike. If you want a true getaway, make a trip out to the mountains!

Stay tuned for Roaming Domo’s next adventure!

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