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Government workers (aka “govvies”) get a bad reputation for many many things. Based on this article, government workers are getting paid on average of 20% less than those in the private sector. Another article suggests a more in-depth review that government works are overpaid in certain pay areas, but underpaid in others. I find the former to be true in my field – in general, government workers get less pay – it’s a harsh trade-off for that fabled “job security” everyone talks about.

I found a blog seems to be along the same vein as this post. it contains a lot of interesting links to articles about overpaid government workers. Scary where your tax dollars are going, huh?

So on to a personal experience with some of what I consider to be overpaid government workers. Basically my job involves interacting with our IT department to keep our IT equipment up and running, including printers. After a very long, delayed chain of emails to get a printer working again, I get the following email (names have been changed) from one of our talented IT guys:

From: [D-Bag IT Guy]
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 10:14 AM
To: [Me]; [D-Bag’s Supervisor]; [IT Department Chief]
Cc: [Manager in Same Dept as Me]; [My Boss]; [My department Chief]


Hey man don’t worry about it cause as soon as I see an e-mail with your name I will automatically delete it.

[D-Bag IT Guy]

I.T. Specialist Extreme


“Worked all week it’s time to play
gonna get a little bit sideways”- Dierks Bentley

Not even kidding, this was the email I got from a guy who’s been a govvie for a long time. you’d think he’d be smarter than this, but maybe that’s giving him too much credit. anyway, here are some pointers:

1. for a person who is supposed to be fixing problems, the body of the emails shows a lot of ignorance and plain stupidity. the unprofessional snarky comment of deleting my emails automatically provides me with little faith that he is (1) capable of solving problems and (2) going to do it correctly or completely in good faith. this email shatters any little torch of trust I had with this D-Bag and erodes the integrity of the IT department.

2. D-Bag copied his supervisor, his boss, and my boss on this email. it’s incriminating and plain stupid. The worst part is, D-Bag didn’t get any remediation for this stupid comment, leading me to trust IT less, and less likely to believe they are capable of the job they supposedly know how to do.
Lesson from a digital age: do not put into writing what you should only say in person.

3. “I.T. Specialist Extreme” is not a job title. It’s something you call yourself if you’re joking around with friends, not something you put on your Outlook signature.

4. “PARTY-ON!!!!!!!!!”. What an f-ing tool. Excessive caps, excessive exclamation points. what are you, a pre-teen in the first chat room you’ve ever been in?

5. Non-work/motivation related quote about getting sh*t-faced after work? professional, my ass.

So not only is the e-mail already a dumb-ass move, the guy walks around in shorts and a t-shirt with some Vans sneakers and a soul patch…. apparently someone never grew up in his 10+ years as a govvie. Apparently he has no fear of sending this sort of ridiculous, un-professional email in plain sight of his boss – must be nice to have -that- nice job security when I know there are plenty of college grads who would relish the chance to do his job.

so are govvies getting paid too much? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure this guy is. isn’t this reassuring where your tax dollars are going?

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