ImprovEverywhere NYC July 2011


*** UPDATE ***

The video is up!

Check it out at!


Most of the time when I visit New York City, there isn’t a really formal plan for the weekend. Usually I just go to visit my cousin and walk around the city and eat (maybe gorge is the better word) whatever food piques our interest. this past weekend was different. My cousin sent me a link to ImprovEverywhere’s MP3 Experiment 8. Within a few hours of getting the email, I booked my boltbus to go participate. It wasn’t until Saturday night, so we had some time to kill during the day. Keeping consistent with other trips to NYC, we went to find food!

My saturday morning in NYC started off like most, with a Grumpy’s latte – possibly the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. We proceeded towards Union Square, stopped really quick for a pretzel croissant from City Bakery. Our lunch destination was Stand 4 and Num Pang for a shake and sandwich.

NYC July 2011-3845.jpg

I got the pork belly sandwich (any surprise?) and a toasted marshmallow shake to start off. The pork belly was quite good, Num Pang uses a really good bread which has a good crumb and chewy texture. I really appreciate a sandwich place pays attention to details and makes an excellent bread selection. the toasted marshmallow shake sounded like a great idea, they even garnish the shake with two toasted marshmallows. the shake itself ended up tasted like blended vanilla marshmallow, not much toasty-ness going on. maybe a drop of liquid smoke would help.

Walking around the Union Square green market, we found a Macy’s food truck featuring Todd English (of Olives fame). He was friendly and very willing to take pictures with everyone who came along.

NYC July 2011-3848.jpg

we walked around and took a break before getting dinner and heading to the event. We picked up dinner at Chelsea Market becuase I wanted to check out some new places I haven’t seen yet. Chelsea Market is home to a lot of tasty things like the Filling Station

NYC July 2011-3864.jpg

and Tuck Shop, known for their meat pies. I got a seafood pie which had sort of a seafood chowder inside a flaky tasty crust. The side of roasted brussel sprouts reignited my fondness for brussel sprouts – I might have to go get some this week.


The link to this visit’s photos is here, I’ll post the link to the youtube video for the MP3 Experiment 8 when it comes out, but here is a preview:

the experiment was awesome. if you get a chance to participate, definitely take part. it was so much fun! the idea is that every person downloads an mp3 of the instructions and then at the designated time (set by an atomic clock or network clock sync), everyone hits play. ImprovEverywhere has a list of props you need to pack and they’ll tell you when to use them. This was totally interested me because it involved glow sticks, flashing things, a mask, and flashlights – as you can see, it turned out awesome! my best guess is there were about 2000 participants in Battery Park that night. I wish I had a proper camera setup to take some sweet sweet night shots, but I’ll have to see what gets released later!

NYC July 2011-3906.jpg

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