Tree Coat Racks v1.0

As most my projects start, there is an idea:

Tree Coatrack-9701.jpg

This sketch of a tree was my guide for making my version of the Swedese coat rack. this is a coatrack cut out of a piece of wood, mounted a few inches off the wall. you can hang your jackets or purses off the branches, and have an art piece when there is nothing on it. The Swedese racks only came in a few solid colors which seemed too vanilla – I had the idea to take these coat racks and paint them two-toned, grey on the front face and a bright contrasting color for the edge and back.


The radial lines coming from the sketch are my way of taking a small sketch and scaling it up to fit reasonably onto a 4×8 foot sheet of plywood. After laying down the sketch, I used a jigsaw to start cutting:


instead of taking you step by step in a boring, non-interesting paragraph, why don’t I summarize:

This time lapse video was taken throughout most of the process – I omitted some painting because it would be repetitive, and I may have some frames missing because I didn’t realize my camera ran out of battery. But you can see that the jigsawing a prepping of the trees was pretty quick, and that it is the priming and painting which takes the longest time to do. I particularly like the frames that have the sun setting, and you can see the shadows getting longer as time went on.

Overall, the project took me two solid weeks to complete where I would do a little bit of work every night until it was done. I think in total, it took about 20 hours of working time to be finished and installed. This slate grey/marigold pair was a birthday gift for my cousin, to be the main coatracks in her apartment:

Tree Coatrack installed

up next:
I want to make a mini forest for my place – total of 5 trees with some cut out stars and a crescent moon – all mounted just off the wall and maybe even backlit for some dramatic effect.

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  1. Josh
    Posted February 10, 2013 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

    Hi, just looking at making some of these for myself. How did you attach them to the wall? Thanks

  2. Posted March 6, 2013 at 8:47 pm | Permalink

    cut some 2.5″ pieces of 1.5″ dowel and drilled a pilot hole through the center with a drill press. used heavy duty anchors to secure them to the wall and little adhesive strips on the bottom of the tree

  3. Stefanie Bracke
    Posted April 7, 2014 at 10:20 am | Permalink

    Hi! I would like to make one myself, as the Swedese ones are too expensive for me. Nevertheless, I never dit something like this before (don’t even know how the work with a jigsaw :)) Therefore I’d love to watch the video you made. Unfortunately It is not available anymore to watch it. Is it possible to repost it? Or to send it to me by email? Thanks a lot!

  4. Posted April 19, 2014 at 11:00 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for reading the blog post! I fixed the broken link, thanks again for bringing it to my attention. You will need to become familiar with a jigsaw (particularly the blade angle and how it affects the edge finish), but thankfully youtube should be able to help you with that. You will need a drill with a 1/2″ bit to drill pilot holes in the plywood as well. Remember to be safe and handle all tools with care!

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