Wedding: Susan and Anit

This past weekend was my friends Susan and Anit’s Wedding in Bethesda, MD. The ceremony was held at Our Lady Lourdes and the reception was at the Kenwood Country Club.

It’s hard to re-create everything about the wedding, as I’m not that great a writer at all, but here are some of the highlights:

– the priest marrying the two also married Susan’s parents
– brother Danny played an altar boy role for the Catholic ceremony (thought it was cool to have a family member do that)
– the ceremony was really smooth and seamless. it almost seemed short, but it appeared to have all the traditions (veil, cord, readings, prayer, communion, etc)
– Anit’s little brother’s speech was very heartwarming, recalling many past experiences to highlight how Anit has always been a role model
– Susan’s letterpress/printing done for the ceremony, dinner menu, and invitations
– surf AND turf. salmon and steak (cooked perfectly medium) that was quite possible the best cooked I’ve ever had at a wedding
– open bar. excellent, even though I don’t take full advantage
– coconut shrimp and crab-cake bites were excellent along with the cold roasted veggies bar with hummus and flatbread
– seeing a bunch of friends I don’t get to see regularly

I didn’t bring the big camera, and just tried to take what I could with the point and shoot. Here is the Flickr Set – make sure to watch the video of the newlywed introductions dancing.

So why is all this on a photo-blog?

Well after my wedding photographer experience, I am really excited to go to some of the wedding coming up over the next year. Excited not only for my friends to get married, but also to observe the wedding photographer(s). The photography at this wedding was sporting all Nikon gear, large camera bodies with flashes (and a battery pack). But what I noticed is that she used the Gary Fong Lightsphere I (Gary Fong) – during the reception, I asked her about the lightsphere and what other products she used, and she was very helpful saying she has the lightsphere white dome, warming dome, and chrome dome – and she would never go back to her StoFen OmniBounce again. I did some poking around and found that she only brought two bodies, two lenses, two flashes, and an assistant who (from what I could tell) carried a list of people who I guess the photographer wanted to take pictures of.

It appears this photographer adhered to two big pieces of advice I gathered while researching wedding photography which are:

– do not bring an excess of equipment because you’ll never use it all, be prepared for as many reasonable situations as you can, but you don’t have to be prepared for -every- situation

– bring an assistant. If not to take photos, then at least to help herd people to where they need to be – especially useful for the group photos typically done right after the wedding.

So if you saw my previous post, you saw that I carried a LOT of equipment to the wedding I shot (1 photo bag, 1 lighting bag) – I think I got overwhelmed with the possibility of “what if”. And I also didn’t have a “people shepard” to help bring people together – but I’d like to think that I thought I could handle it because it was a small wedding. If I decide to do another wedding soon, I’ll have to clean up my act!

Congratulations Susan and Anit!!!! We are all so happy for you two!!!

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