Blind Leaders – Dick Sarles

Metro - always a ray of sunshine for your commute

I think the disparity between organization leaders and the consumers that use the organization services could not be more apparent than with the WMATA.

Here is my take on urban, public transportation:
– it should be affordable for most people (not including those who are high-earners)
– it should have a large enough network to reach areas that are otherwise commercially desolate or economically poorer
– it should have adaptive service that would adjust for more trains at higher-volume times
– it should be an alternative system to driving which could help reduce driving while intoxicated because the drunks are riding the subway
– it should be reliable, safe, and have a decent amount of security

I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones that come to mind.

to no one’s surprise, Metro has been failing as a public transportation system. The most recent of failures is a recent interview with the head of the WMATA, Richard Sarles.

NBC4 also covers the video, too.

Maybe Dick doesn’t ride public transportation (ironic considering he’s worked for many years for public transportation companies). Maybe Dick has never been out on a saturday night past the bedtime of a 6 year old. Maybe he just turns a blind eye to the “non-money-making” hours of the subway system.

This could be why he said:

I would hope that anyone getting on our train should not be drunk.

Here are some reaction points I was too lazy to put into real paragraphs:

– late night service in an urban environment = drunkies getting on trains instead of cars. This means fewer drunks on the road. Everyone should be able to appreciate this.

– workers who do evening or graveyard shifts (servers, maintenance, etc) may depend on WMATA to get home. displacing them is callous and unnecessary

– I understand budget cuts are necessary. it’s the theme of the past 3 years. instead of looking within WMATA employees for streamlining solutions, WMATA seems to just punish the riders over and over again for the dumb decisions made by Dick and his newly acquired management team

– thinking bigger, I’m less likely to go into DC if I know I cannot take the metro home. I’m sure there are more people who depend on public transportation to go out and have fun. This may lead to people staying closer to home, and not necessarily branch out to other areas of the city

– WHY DON’T THE METRO EXECS RIDE THE DAMN METRO??? this is baffling to me. How can we expect the leaders of a public transportation system to make decisions that are best for the riders if they are not riders themselves?

– one thing I was pleasantly surprised to see was the carpetless train car (let’s get more of these!):

carpetless metro floors!!!!

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