Surprise Proposal – Sarah and Jarrett

Just when I thought wedding season was winding down, I get a call from my friend Jarrett about keeping a certain saturday free. He wanted me to be a part of the distraction team in order to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal. This wasn’t the first time I’d been a part of a surprise proposal, but this one had a few more players. AC, DV, and I were all supposed to bring Sarah to a restaurant in Dupont where Jarrett was going to wait and surprise her.

Sarah and Jarrett Engagement-0059

The restaurant was of significance to Sarah and Jarrett (herein: Sarrett) because it was where their first date was 2 years ago (almost exactly). Thankfully she didn’t think anything suspicious of the anniversary because I (not knowing about the significance) suggested the place, and not AC (who knew the significance).

Sarah and Jarrett Engagement-0112

AC – her role was to get Sarah relaxed and go shopping and also be the person I got in contact with to go eat at the desgnated restaurant. she was worried about lying to Sarah the whole day, but she ended up doing quite well and the night went on without a hitch.

Sarah and Jarrett Engagement-0138

DV – Jarrett’s best friend. Jarrett wanted DV to be there for the proposal, but we didn’t have a great reason to include him (as the only people who really knew him were Sarrett). DV came up with a great reason, concocting a story about getting stood up at Pizza Paradiso across the street, then seeing Sarah in the window and coming in. The story was so well-told that she didn’t suspect a thing.

Solamanda Wedding

Me – my job was to have my camera ready and document the proposal. If asked, I was going to say I was in DC taking photos and walking around (not too much a stretch for me to do on a saturday).

So now that the players were set, we had to get Jarrett out here. He was waiting in the back, and only came out after we (clumsily) ordered a bottle of wine. He came and started pouring the champagne, but it took Sarah a second to recognize him – and she instantly said “What are you doing here?”.

Sarah and Jarrett Engagement-0072

Jarrett then proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed, which Sarah quickly said yes and they hugged and kissed.

Sarah and Jarrett Engagement-0077

After the excitement settled down a bit, we did end up eating and telling Sarah all the lies that were spun that day. “you mean you weren’t stood up?” “so you aren’t actually food spying tonight?” “so this wasn’t the wine your sister is using for her wedding?”. I walked with the newly engaged couple to the dupont circle fountain to take a few couple-y shots and then to the pre-arranged engagement party at Gazuza’s. Everyone smoked hookah and cigars, and drank and ate and celebrated till late in the night.

Congratulations Sarrett!

Sarah and Jarrett Engagement Finished-0173

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    Congrats to my new Google Buzz friend and seriously how awesome are your pictures getting!

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