Wedding Photography: Do’s and Don’ts

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

DO: scout the location of possible, or at least make the drive between any photo locations you are going to (eg, hotel, venue, scenic stops)

Hart Hill Wedding 42

DON’T: be a pansy when it comes to posing people or getting people out of your shot. especially with outdoor weddings – you’re fighting the sunlight/sunset. you need to move quickly

DO: look online at what other photographers have photographed in the same venue. This is a good way to find some iconic photos for the venue.

DON’T: let family members hold up the wedding party by taking their own photos on the side. This will stop your work entirely. Get the wedding party together, keep them together, and move people in and out quickly.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

DO: Remember to listen to the bride and groom’s request for specific photos. Remember that you can always get more photos at the reception if you miss any at the ceremony location

DO: Bring backups of as many things as possible (eg backup batteries, backup camera body, backup lens

DO: Get a schedule of the wedding day. This will help prepare you for what’s ahead.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

DON’T: be afraid to shoot candidly. I like to follow up with a “nicer” posed shot.

DO: Take photos of everyone. the typical “photos of each table” routine works well. don’t forget people getting drinks, standing around talking, dancing, etc

DON’T: put your camera down. if you don’t have it up to your eye, it should always be ready-to-go in case someone decides to bust out some sweet dance moves.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

DO: make sure you get the specific group shots the bride or groom wants (eg the “high school friends” shot, the “cousins from far far away” shot)

DON’T: worry if your first shot comes out not great. Just keep talking to the people posing as you adjust and shoot again. Constantly shoot and adjust.

DO: Get to the venue/ceremony early to take photos of empty pews/chairs, etc.

DON’T: forget to bring an extra shirt. Just in case.

DO: constantly check in with the bride/groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man to see if there are photos they want to have taken.

DON’T: be stingy with the photos. shoot, shoot, and shoot some more.

DO: have a good time. Talk with people. Eat – but always have your camera nearby.

Light Graffiti - Heart

I’m sure I’ll come up with another list later, but these are the ones freshest in my mind.

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