Another Year

Not a bad birthday fortune cookie!

— fortune cookie from birthday dinner

so there are a lot of things I tend to do on my birthday. the first is wish all my birthday buddies happy birthday – I know two people in my graduating HS class and 4 from my college that share the same birthday. (what are the odds of 5 people in the same graduating class of 110 people having the same birthday?)

I like reading the dozens of birthday messages on my FB, it’s nice to read – and reminds me of people I may not have seen in a while that I should. I do want to thank my friends who have laughed with me and been supportive of me. you have been the people who not only inspire me, but also my guide as to who I would like to see myself become.

Today happens to be a good day. the Chilean miners that have been underground for a little over 2 months are being rescued and brought to the surface. As I read the live news feed, it kind of makes me super happy for the miners who have reached the surface, but still a little nervous for the ones remaining in the hole. I’m crossing my fingers hoping the remaining hours go by smoothly.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

I guess this is also a good time to sort of take stock and figure out what I want out of the next year. But first, a look at the 28th year:

– snowboarded Hidden Valley and Squaw at Lake Tahoe
– Snowpocalyse 2010
– saw my friend who lives in South Africa (1st time in 10 years)
– bought my L lens
– celebrated the new year in New Hampshire
– hosted a chili dinner
– ate at Volt
– camped and paintballed on the same day
– travelled to San Diego, learned to surf, made friends with a seal
– cooked with some friends for a going away party for a friend who is deployed
– went skydiving
– celebrated my 1st cousin’s (once removed) 1st birthday party
– hosted a great July 4th party
– went to Vegas and hiked around Red Rock Canyon
– went to Montreal for a bachelor’s party
– got picked to go on DateLab
– photographed 2 weddings (unofficial photog)
– groomsman at Sol’s wedding
– best man at Mark’s
– helped organize 10-year high school reunion party
– photographed red carpet and met America Ferrera
– went to NYC and ate grimaldi’s, saw Eataly, and ate more
– learned to wakeboard

Canon f/2.8 L 24-70mm

For the dawn of the 29th year, I think I want to keep up the good pace of activities.

I know I’m going to be:
– going to Taiwan for a wedding
– photographing a wedding (as the primary)
– going to visit cousins in New Jersey for another wedding

Snowmageddon 2010

I really want to:
– snowboard (doesn’t have to be west coast, just want to get out there)
– develop a new group dinner plan
– look into what it would take to open a food truck (day-to-day operations and costs)
– finish some household DIY stuff like my wall piece that is going to be a backlit door with chalkboard paint
– bike, play tennis, and practice golfing more
– progress my photography more (I have a ring flash adapter that is supposed to be on its way!)

Red Rock Canyon 2010

So how will my 29th year compare to the 28th? come along and find out with me!

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