Laurel and Mark’s Wedding

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

This may have been the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to. It wasn’t necessarily that the wedding itself was moving or particularly fun, but I think the combination of two large groups of family and friends who liked to have fun along with the accommodations being almost perfect made this wedding weekend one of the greats.

So what I have below is pretty much a list of awesome points of the wedding. I don’t have any pictures of the ceremony because I was in the wedding party – but a good assortment of pics are available from facebook.

– great location. natural bridge was secluded, woodsy, and absolutely perfect weather if not a touch chilly. Considering the massive amounts of rain that came to Virginia during the week, everyone was crossing their fingers for the weekend. thankfully the weatherman proved correct and we had a beautifully sunny day on saturday.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

– accomodations. there was a large, more traditional, hotel where most of the guests stayed, as well as “cottages” up on the hill across the street that was really secluded and offered some picnic benches outside and convenient parking. the reception was in the main hotel, too. the rooms were very reasonable (something like $160 for the weekend?).

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

– photobooth. mark made a photobooth. it was something that meant a lot for mark and laurel to have because throughout their travels they try to take a photobooth photo of themselves. not only was the photobooth fun, but it was also very personal for them to share the fun-ness with the guests.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

– the experience. being involved with the wedding, I got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that the guests take for granted. Setting up the reception decorations, lighting, candles, decorating the cakes, etc all would have been a pain in the ass if it weren’t for Mark and Laurel’s awesome families and their willingness to pitch in. I think I met a bunch of family members while setting up as opposed to at the wedding like I had expected. The family and friends who helped out really helped make it a great wedding.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

– live band. the Soul Miners rocked. the lead singer sang some al green, etta james, and all the other wedding classics. they got everyone up and dancing – especially awesome is when everyone was on the floor for “Shout”

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

– after party. both friday and saturday night. both ended super late (I think 4 and 5 am respectively). awesome. everyone was really good natured and brought lots (if not way-too-much) of drinks, snacks, and cigars/cigarettes to share – pretty much made it a great big fun party.

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

– and just because Mark and I made it, the Groom’s cake gets a shout out!!! note the alternating yellow and green mason colors!

Mark and Laurel's Wedding 2010

What would have made it awesomer:
– campfire. but they didn’t allow them (even though there was a giant field behind the cottages that would have been perfect). This is out of their control but being it was like 50 degrees at night, it would have been nice


– blocked rooms. it would have been nice to know that the hotel blocked off sections of the cottages area for us so we could be outside and be loud and not disturb and nearby rooms that were not part of our party. This was the hotel’s doing – and we may have pissed off one couple at about 2:30am.

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  1. robert desutter
    Posted October 8, 2010 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    You are a great friend. A motivator. A positive energy.
    We got a good team. I’m proud to be on it.

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