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2011 [My] Photo of the Year

It may seem unusual to put a wedding photo as my picture of the year, but this photo has so much below the surface which is what makes it an important one for me. The photo is of my cousin who got married New Year’s Day 2011. They had one photographer for the day and […]

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2011 in One Photo

This is easily my favorite photo of 2011. The morning newspaper had a section on the top photos of 2011, and although there were plenty of memorable and tragic moments captured throughout the world, this one of Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas was one of the viral photos of the year. The context is that […]

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Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! hope you have a great weekend with plenty of family, food, festivities, and hopefully some presents sprinkled in.

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The Scared Govvie

Something has become pretty clear to me in terms of a trend amongst the older portion of the government workforce I’ve interacted with over the years. A somewhat recent poll from the Washington Post indicated a similar view of federal employees by the surveyed people. even among government employees, there are polarized views of the […]

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Photography Cost Breakdown

There are many assumptions I’m making for this post, drawing mostly from my experience. There are likely some holes and something I did not take into consideration, but the take home message is this: Photography almost always seems overpriced for a 1/125th second frozen in time, but you have to remember all the hours of […]

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Friends’ Songs

You know how they say scent is a really powerful thing to help you remember your memories? For me, I think I also associate music with people as well – when I hear certain songs, I find myself being reminded of friends and people I know. Do you do that? Hear a song and instantly […]

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Blog Mash-up

There are many blogs I try to keep up with. I like to read local ones, mostly because the places and events are more relevant. I had this idea to try to mash up two blog posts to make a more interesting and hopefully funny-to-read blog post. I figured I like mash-up songs, why not […]

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DSB Syndome

I’ve put off writing this post because I kept telling myself it wasn’t relevant, but since I first thought of writing it, I seem to keep meeting people with DSBS, or Don’t Stop Believin’ Syndome. I refer to people with DSBS as the DSBS-ers. This is formerly “Small Town Guy/Girl in the Big City Syndrome” […]

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Then and Now

Two years. It’s been a little over two years since I photographed my first wedding. I will never forget being so simultaneously nervous and excited to be the one taking photos for my friends’ special day. I can’t thank them enough for believing in me and trusting me with this great event. The weather forecast […]

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