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Unsettling WMATA Metro Numbers

Understandably, large companies don’t want their skeletons in the closet revealed to the world. however in the case of the WMATA, their skeletons seem to be bursting at the seams, culminating with the 2009 red line crash that killed 8 passengers and 1 driver. Although it has been two years since the incident, WMATA doesn’t […]

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Government workers (aka “govvies”) get a bad reputation for many many things. Based on this article, government workers are getting paid on average of 20% less than those in the private sector. Another article suggests a more in-depth review that government works are overpaid in certain pay areas, but underpaid in others. I find the […]

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ImprovEverywhere NYC July 2011

  *** UPDATE *** The video is up! Check it out at! Most of the time when I visit New York City, there isn’t a really formal plan for the weekend. Usually I just go to visit my cousin and walk around the city and eat (maybe gorge is the better word) whatever food […]

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4th of July, Maine 2011

This is a late post, but still something worth sharing. 4th of July was particularly special this year. I was invited to go to a lake house to celebrate and be with new friends.

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July Phenomenon, Urban Legend?

Most people are not aware of the July Phenomenon. This is used to refer to the several weeks after July 1st where new medical residents start their training as official Doctors. The idea is that because these residents are new, they are more prone to mistakes. considering the entire nation is getting a new batch […]

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The Dilemma

I remember hearing about this movie a while ago, but forgot to post about it. if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty much a buddy movie starring Kevin James (Nick) and Vince Vaughn (Ronny) as long time best friends who work together at a car design firm. Ronny gets put into a dilemma when […]

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Happy Independence Day

Nothing like a day of fireworks and time with family or friends. hopefully you’ve got a cookout planned! I’ll blog about my 4th of July later.

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