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Online Dating Round-up

I have (albeit briefly) joined the 21st century and tried online dating. For 6 months, I put some effort into selecting some “good” profile pictures, writing and rewriting my profile blurbs, messaging potential matches, and going on a couple dates. There was some positive reinforcement from friends who have done it before, but this may […]

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Review: Dinosaur Barbecue

when you walk through the front doors, you know you’re in a barbecue place. the entire place smells like delicious woodsmoke. so before I start, there is a difference between barbecue and grilling. Barbecue is typically thought of as the “low and slow” cooking that usually involves larger cuts of meat like ribs, pork shoulder, […]

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NJ May need a 1st amendment refresher

It is all over the photography rights blogs, but if you haven’t read anything, they go into detail here, here, here, and here. The basic idea is that new jersey lawmakers have the good intention of trying to help the community by making it illegal to photograph children without their parents’ consent. The idea is […]

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Dew Flavors!

Mountain Dew Pitch Black (grape) and Supernova (melon/strawberry) are here!!!!! I’m so glad pitch black is back, I love grape sodas. it’s a grape soda with caffeine, awesome! This is consistent with their line of flavored sodas, like Distortion, which is kind of like the Baja Blast: Their throwback: and my favorite, Whiteout

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Things i love: the Moth

if you haven’t been introduced to The Moth yet, you are missing out. not only do they have a great podcast, they also have live storytelling that take place predominantly in LA and New York City. I had the opportunity last week to attend a live show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Before the show, […]

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ahh, if only….

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Turning 30 is going to be awesome

So I don’t know what the big deal is, I’m guessing there are some guys in this same boat, with girls turning 30 and having some kind of life-analyzing crisis. Not only is this feeling expressed by my friends, but also on the blog lists I peruse. inevitably, a blogger will write about how she […]

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Things I Love: This American Life

Each week’s show loosely centers on a particular theme. The theme of the show is explored in several “acts,” usually two to five. Since 1995, radio host Ira Glass has been hosting possibly the best thing on the radio (and made available with weekly podcasts) : This American Life. Every episode has something similar to […]

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Podcast: Radiolab’s Desperately Seeking Symmetry

I really liked this podcast by Radiolab. if you’re not listening to Radiolab, you need to add it immediately to your mp3 device of choice. you can also stream it here: I really liked the section that co-host Robert Krulwich recalls the story Aristophanes tells from Plato’s Symposium, a story about a group of men […]

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