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Blind Leaders – Dick Sarles

I think the disparity between organization leaders and the consumers that use the organization services could not be more apparent than with the WMATA. Here is my take on urban, public transportation: – it should be affordable for most people (not including those who are high-earners) – it should have a large enough network to […]

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Online Gaming – the Girl’s POV

An idea mark and I thought about a long time ago was totally one-uppied by the website It features the screenshots and messages written to female gamers on Xbox Live or other online gaming platforms. I thought the trash talking among guys was bad enough, but the girls get all kinds of asinine messages. […]

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Popovers: BLT Steak (NYC) Recipe

on a serendipitous business lunch, my cousin got to have the gruyere popovers at BLT Steak in NYC accompanied with a little card that has the recipe. So she sent the recipe and I got to baking!

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House Project: Lights (1st Sequence)

I’ve always liked bare light bulbs, especially the edison style ones that really show the filament. Local restaurant Rustico has these lights all over their dining room, which looked awesome. So after some sketching, I decided to actually go out and make it. I consulted with a couple friends about the logistics of lighting five […]

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Liars: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Update: Carolyn Hax has an article about what to do if you find yourself drawn to liars Everyone lies. Everyone I have ever met has lied at one point in time. Everyone you have ever met has lied at some point in time, too. Everyone lies. That being said, there are good liars, bad liars, […]

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Metro Fare – How Does it Compare?

It is no surprise that Metro is still in the red. Funding is still a huge problem and it doesn’t look like we subway commuters are going to get any reprieve anytime this year. It seems after reading commentary after commentary on the upcoming WMATA fare hikes, that they all revolve around Metro not having […]

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FAIL: Lost in Translation (Popsicle)

sucrose? do we need to be that specific with the type of sugar pop this is?

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Guitar: First Timer Challenges

So after getting the guitar and messing around with the chords I knew, I realized a few things: 1. I need to develop guitar finger callouses 2. my fingers need to get that muscle memory 3. I have no strumming rhythm 4. it takes forever to find good instructional videos online I settled on what […]

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Taiwan: New Fruits

Wax apples. These were my favorite fruit by far. I’ve never seen them at the grocery stores here, but I wish we had these. They have a waxy skin, as the name alludes to, but a super crisp, light, and sweet taste. The whole thing can be eaten, unless you get a slightly more matured […]

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