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Signature Foods – What About DC?

New York has hot dogs, apples, and pizza Boston has baked beans, sam adams, and clam chowdah Chicago has deep dish pizza, steak, and mixed caramel/cheese popcorn Philadelphia has cheesesteak sandwiches, water ice, and pretzels San Francisco has sourdough bread, seafood stew and rice-a-roni (I know, its a faux pas to say that) Seattle has […]

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Photo Rights (Repost from Petapixel)

Knowing your photo rights is incredibly important. although I have yet to be stopped for taking photos, I want to be prepared in case it happens. Websites like Carlos Miller’s documents inappropriate law enforcement activity and the huge misconceptions about photography in public. The biggest misconception: photographing federal buildings is illegal. Think about it this […]

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PSA: White Bicycle Memorials

Ok, so DC is trying to become more bike friendly – thankfully! unfortunately, there have been some casualties of people getting killed by cars in the district. When possible, a white bicycle is locked to something near the location of the incident. This is just a reminder not only for cyclists but also drivers that […]

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DC as an Emerging Food Destination?

I just came across this article where WaPo reports DC is being looked at by NY restaurateurs as a good area to expand, citing the stable economy and cheaper leases.  I and definitely a fan of this, as it should make our 2-3 year food trend gap a little shorter as restaurants look to DC […]

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Review: Bites at Guy Savoy

While in Las Vegas recently, I got to eat at Restaurant Guy Savoy in Caesar’s Palace. This renowned French chef gained international attention with his Michelin-starred restaurants as well as Bravo TV’s Top Chef notoriety. His two premiere restaurants are in Paris, France, and Las Vegas. The Las Vegas location has earned 2 stars from […]

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Review: BGR (and a little of BRGR)

*** Update (from Washington, DC-area burger restaurant chain BGR The Burger Joint thought their burgers needed to be a little more Jersey, and thus are introducing the Snooki Burger next month. After calling for suggestions online, responses included “stuffed with an Italian sausage” and “marinated in tequila and desperation.” BGR reminds me a LOT […]

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Review: Todd English’s Olives (Las Vegas)

**** LATE UPDATE **** got to meet the Todd in NYC last july! From Boston, MA, Todd English‘s Olives restaurants are described as “rustic Mediterranean” with locations in Massachusetts, Las Vegas, NYC, as well as here in DC. The two things I kept reading about the Vegas Olives was (1) get the beef carpaccio and […]

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Review: Volt

Business has been booming and reservation books have been maxed out at Volt, Chef Bryan Voltaggio’s Frederick, MD restaurant located right in the middle of downtown. His restaurant’s notoriety exploded as the chef climbed Bravo TV’s Top Chef Season 6 ladder, only losing in the end to his brother, Michael. After making reservations 2 months […]

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Rant: Metro Sucks (a quickie)

After reading the following post, I became somewhat infuriated at how the writer glosses over the major reasons why we consider some public transportation good and some transportation bad.

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Name-calling: Foodie

There have been many names I’ve been called over the years, but the one I refuse to acknowledge is the title of “Foodie”.

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