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DC Food 2010: My Take

DC food is tricky. I find that the word-of-mouth for new restaurants tends to die out after only a couple weeks. this makes it hard to find what’s new and what’s good. So as a result, I don’t go out to eat in DC very often. When I do, it usually is because I happen to be in DC already and go eat after work. also, whenever restaurant week opens up, my eyes grow wide as my friends and I settle on a restaurant to try. So far, these are the restaurants that have stood out for me:

La Taberna del Alabardero
DC Coast

These are restaurants I’d be more than happy to go to again because they serve solidly good food. I don’t think DC lacks in good food at all, and thankfully it is being recognized. We have peruvian chicken featured on Anthony Bourdain’s no reservations, Chef Jose Andres has several landmark restaurants and a cable tv show , and DC favorite Georgetown Cupcake owners are getting their own reality tv show.

Obviously, we appreciate good food.

We also have some standout people that are doing incredible things, like the woman who cooked through every recipe in the french laundry cookbook who is now tackling the alinea cookbook. Alain Ducasse has chosen DC as the city to open his new restaurant Adour, located in the St. Regis Hotel. Some chefs are taking the lead on bringing food trends to DC, like Jose Andres with Mini Bar, Liberty Tavern restaurant group with their high end coffee and wine bar North Side Social, and Chef Yasu has brought some unbelievable Japanese sushi and cuisine to Vienna, VA at Sushi Yoshi.

So what do I have to complain about then? We have big names making great food. We have people willing to pay for that great food. What are we missing?

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Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day everyone, As everyone is looking to do their part during this earth awareness month, I’d like to point out a program that is earth-friendly that I really like. I first saw it when I visited a friend in Portland, ME. He had these bright blue large trash bags that he was throwing […]

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3rd Base?

Pink ribbons are for 3rd base now?

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DIY – Gutter Garden View

Gutter garden street view.

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DIY – Gutter Garden Project

At first I read this on a blog and thought it was a great idea for people who don’t have a lot of outdoor square footage or have poor soil conditions for growing food – as was the case for a woman in alaska who decided to plant her garden vertically. The same article (and […]

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Fail: Party Planning

To help celebrate the end of the cherry blossom festival, there are fireworks set off by the washington monument every year. it is a nice alternative to going into the city for fourth of july – which ends up being a cluster- of a good time. So when we got an opportunity to go to a cherry blossom festival party with a rooftop view of the fireworks, why not?

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Engagement Photos: SolAmanda

Nevermind the ever-present question of why you would need engagement photos – I don’t really understand it entirely. But Sol and Amanda wanted some engagement photos done, and they were willing to feed me charlottesville food in exchange. nice trade, eh? Now I had two willing models who would let me photograph them all day! […]

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Food: A Simple Soup and Bread Dinner

I love soup. I love soup and bread. I can make bread. now I want soup to go with it. minestrone, chicken noodle, beef & barley, italian wedding, tomato, roasted red pepper and tomato, butternut squash, vegetable, miso, tom-yum, chili, and french onion – the feature of this post. My french onion soup may or […]

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