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Fail: Gross and Brown

I could only think of one thing when I saw this truck, and it wasn’t masonry

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Recipe: Apple Fruit Leather

Ingredients: 8-10 medium sized apples* cut into 1 inch cubes (or any other uniform size) 1 cinnamon stick ~1/4 tsp nutmeg I diced up 9 red delicious apples into 1=inch cubes and threw them into the pot with a couple tablespoons of water, turned the heat on high, and covered it. This helped almost “steam” […]

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Fotoweek DC 2009: Fight Club

At Artomatic 2009, Mark and I stumbled upon two photographers who were in charge of Fotoweek DC. This is a great exhibition of photos displayed in gallery spaces in DC, mainly in the Georgetown neighborhood. One definitely stuck out, though. The “underground” skate park known as Fight Club. A skating mecca for DC skateboarders especially […]

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Strangers: Kasia and Peter

There is something I really like about subways. I like the efficiency, the under-ground-ness, and the broad range of characters that ride the subway. Even when I’m in other cities, I try to use their subway system to see what its like. While visiting Chicago earlier this year, I was waiting on the platform at […]

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Oh Ecko, I’m blushing

Just found this today while buttoning up my shirt cuff button!

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2009 BMX Dew Tour

I like to go to Chicago to try to visit my high school friend K when I can. The last time I went it was wintertime, so this time I was determined to go during the nice weather. So armed with my 100mm f/2.8 Macro and 11-16mm f/2.8 super-wide lens (I didn’t have a walk-around […]

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Rain Delays

So its been raining. I’ve been busy. I’ve been reorganizing my Flickr site to have more interesting photo sets but thats about it.

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The Roaming Domo: NYC

So not unlike you or me, the Franken-Domo likes to travel. This is sort of a combination food/travel post about some places in NYC. I like to go to visit new york primarily (if not entirely) focused on food, eating, and the walking that takes place between the first two. Every so often, I get […]

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Life: the Murse

So one of the reasons why I like public transportation is because of the pretty high probability of seeing interesting things on a daily basis. This post is about a photo I took to highlight a murse I saw. in this post, a murse refers to a man-purse, not to be confused with the other […]

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Food: Alexia Waffle Fries

I first saw the Alexia Waffle Fries featured on an episode of Top Chef. Lo and behold I find them in the supermarket and I got curious. — damn you product placement ads! I got the Bold and Spicy BBQ and Aged Cheddar Cheese flavors to try out first (because I love BBQ and Cheese […]

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