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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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Link: Cooking for Engineers

A new link I added to the right is the Cooking for Engineers website dedicated to recipes and reviews from a more analytical viewpoint. I like finding my internet doppelgangers, this guy has several similarities: – last names differ by one letter – he takes photos of food while making them with his slr – […]

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The Roaming Domo: DC

Domo in DC, spreading halloween cheer. at the capitol! at Union Station Find domo! Among the horses Taking a break and reading at the Grant Memorial with the bike taxis at the Museum of the American Indian Soon to come: Domo in NYC!

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The Next Food Network Crush

The torch has been passed. It has been very well known that I have had a food network crush on *gasp* Rachael Ray for a long time. But since the confirmation and continued success of her marriage, there has been that wandering eye for another food network crush. The obvious runner-up would be Giada De […]

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The Roaming Domo: Preface

Who says “nothing good ever happens after 2am”? (re: HIMYM S1 E: 2AM) A few saturdays ago, Fred called me after a night out (around 3am) to see if I was awake. here is the (paraphrased) conversation: F: hey, you up? W: yeah, what’s up? F: you want to make me an omelette? W: I […]

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Wedding: Susan and Anit

This past weekend was my friends Susan and Anit’s Wedding in Bethesda, MD. The ceremony was held at Our Lady Lourdes and the reception was at the Kenwood Country Club. It’s hard to re-create everything about the wedding, as I’m not that great a writer at all, but here are some of the highlights: – […]

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Humor: Regretsy

UPDATE: Regretsy appears to be getting lots of buzz, here is an article I liked regarding our etsy commentator’s blog: Article I love funny blogs. I try to share them when I find them. Sometimes I find them through friends or online through other blogs, but this one is totally worth checking out, especially […]

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Food: Cake Wrecks Blog

I stumbled upon this Blog today and found it hilarious. It has photos and commentary on professional cake makers, specifically focusing on their blunders. my favorites include That’s Some Spout and Sarcasm!.

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