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So this is why!

Someone once mentioned to me and observation: that all guys either own or have seen frequently The Princess Bride (1987). After browsing some Uncrate Answers, I came across this one: “anybody want a peanut?”

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Cookies and Icing

Cookies and christmastime seem to go together. People like cookies, guests like cookies, santa likes cookies – making this time of year the best time to whip out your go-to cookie recipes. While snowboarding this past weekend, the group I went with were fortunate enough to have two highly motivated cooks (neither was me, btw) […]

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Review: Crumpler Complete Seed with PhotoBucket

I am a bit of a bag collector. Not purses. Bags. I have a slight preference for Crumpler bags since getting my first one several years ago at one of the company’s “Beer for Bags” events – where you bring them beer and they give you a bag. They had a “beer exchange rate” which […]

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Hollywood Crushes: 2009

Who doesn’t have some kind of hollywood or celebrity crush? It’s perfectly normal… right? Well here are mine, in no particular order: Maggie Gyllenhaal If she’s good enough for The Dark Knight, she’s good enough for me. And a part of me hopes her actual personality is like her Stranger Than Fiction character – that […]

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Roaming Domo: Break

So with Franken-Domo retiring until the next halloween season (or scary movie marathon), regular naked domo will have to start travelling. So far there seems to be only snowboarding-related trips coming up for the Roaming Domo – pics to come soon!

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Interesting: The Future of Photography

Well, its not exactly the “future” of photography, but rather an advancement with the uses for photography. Click the link below for the video. Photo Tour The over-simplified quick summary is that these guys have a program that scours the internet for photos tagged with the desired landmark/location (like the statue of liberty). It calculates […]

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Blogger Crush: Jillian Madison

So after reading posts from and Food Network Humor, it took me several months to realize that all the posts that I like were written by the same person: Jillian Madison. and so she has joined a very select group of people (I’ve never met) that are considered my “blog crushes” – or “brushes”…. […]

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Fail: Gross and Brown

I could only think of one thing when I saw this truck, and it wasn’t masonry

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Recipe: Apple Fruit Leather

Ingredients: 8-10 medium sized apples* cut into 1 inch cubes (or any other uniform size) 1 cinnamon stick ~1/4 tsp nutmeg I diced up 9 red delicious apples into 1=inch cubes and threw them into the pot with a couple tablespoons of water, turned the heat on high, and covered it. This helped almost “steam” […]

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Fotoweek DC 2009: Fight Club

At Artomatic 2009, Mark and I stumbled upon two photographers who were in charge of Fotoweek DC. This is a great exhibition of photos displayed in gallery spaces in DC, mainly in the Georgetown neighborhood. One definitely stuck out, though. The “underground” skate park known as Fight Club. A skating mecca for DC skateboarders especially […]

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