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Beehive Smoker Project

My friend Arlene and I embarked on the ceramic pot smoker project described on this website, which references the Alton Brown ceramic flower pot smoker video to show how you put it together. Instead of using the same shape/style of flower pots, the two I found turned out to look like a beehive when put […]

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House Project: Lights (1st Sequence)

I’ve always liked bare light bulbs, especially the edison style ones that really show the filament. Local restaurant Rustico has these lights all over their dining room, which looked awesome. So after some sketching, I decided to actually go out and make it. I consulted with a couple friends about the logistics of lighting five […]

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Packing: the Suit Burrito

I may have revolutionized packing without using a traditional semi-hard wheelie suitcase. mostly because I don’t own a wheelie case (except my snowboard bag), but the situation is I was packing for a wedding and vacation for two weeks in taiwan and my travel bag was my gregory palisade 80. This presented two major problems: […]

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DIY: the $40 Pot Rack

I have a handful of nice stainless steel pans I’ve been slowly accumulating over the past several years. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to look for a solution to display these pans in a reasonably functional manner. The most obvious solution would be a pot rack. The biggest problem I have with a […]

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Tyrannosaurus Mixer?

UPDATE: Mark has posted his mock-up of what the T-Mix could look like! So I have a KitchenAid Pro HD mixer that is a boring gray color. I am thinking about livening it up a bit and remembered Alton Brown has his KitchenAid painted up: But I think I’m not exactly the tribal-flames type. So […]

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DIY – Gutter Garden View

Gutter garden street view.

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DIY – Gutter Garden Project

At first I read this on a blog and thought it was a great idea for people who don’t have a lot of outdoor square footage or have poor soil conditions for growing food – as was the case for a woman in alaska who decided to plant her garden vertically. The same article (and […]

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