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A Little Organization

I have never been a really good furniture buyer. my home is full of mismatched furniture, some of it hand-me-down or second-hand, some of it was new, but they all lacked a bit of cohesion. it’s something I’m slowly working on. my friend over at is moving and had a set of Ikea Pax […]

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Steel Wool Spinning

I have always been interested in long exposures. there is a certain appeal to getting the shot just right and having to really plan ahead and make sure you get everything looking how you want it to. I think for most people, it starts with the simplest thing: a flashlight.

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Halloween 2012 – Domo

Halloween 2012 has come and gone, always seems too quick, doesn’t it? in light of last year’s hit halloween costume of Racing Teddy, I wanted to make another giant head. there were some improvements to be made, though. The Teddy head was a shoulder-mounted design where my forehead counterbalanced a bit of webbing that hooked […]

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Get Home Bag – Hurricane Edition

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast and wouldn’t you know it? work wants me to come in still. this isn’t the first time work has asked me to come in during inclement weather. the last time, I wore my snowboarding pants to work and had to hoof it to the subway station […]

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T – 1 Month

Halloween is just around the corner, as you may have noticed with the awkwardly early store displays or the chilly evenings we’ve been having. Last year about this time, I was working on my Teddy Roosevelt head: and as I considered options for this upcoming halloween, I can’t get over wanting to make another giant […]

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Teddy’s Last Outing

This is the first time I’ve been able to use my halloween costume again. After waiting for the DC to “thaw” from our super mild winter, baseball season is upon us and I was finally able to debut the Racing Teddy giant head at Nationals Stadium for a Nat’s game! as you may remember, it […]

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The problem: big fancy hdtv with no over-the-air signal with no antenna nearby and the stores are already closed. The solution: use a coaxial cable, some chicken wire, a bit of aluminum foil, and a giant steel pot to fashion an antenna this surprisingly worked really well – at first the chicken wire sort of […]

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Halloween 2011 – Teddy

This year for Halloween, I wanted to revisit an idea some friends had from last year – this You3dMe website goes into how to make a giant head using glue and card stock paper. an AMAZING idea I think might be next year’s feat – but I wanted to do something more locally relevant.

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The Run Down

I’ve been majorly slacking the past several weeks, and it’s mostly been because every week has been a whirling dervish of things to do. I know it is no excuse, but here’s some interesting things I was linked to by a friend! See how other people take the tree-art-wall pieces to new heights! here is […]

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Tree Coat Racks v1.0

As most my projects start, there is an idea: This sketch of a tree was my guide for making my version of the Swedese coat rack. this is a coatrack cut out of a piece of wood, mounted a few inches off the wall. you can hang your jackets or purses off the branches, and […]

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