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On the Road Again

So I missed my transfer at metro center today, and while waiting on the platform and backtracking, I thought of a little metro song. I don’t know why, but Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again popped into my head. for those of you who don’t know it, here it is for your listening pleasure: but […]

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Teddy’s Last Outing

This is the first time I’ve been able to use my halloween costume again. After waiting for the DC to “thaw” from our super mild winter, baseball season is upon us and I was finally able to debut the Racing Teddy giant head at Nationals Stadium for a Nat’s game! as you may remember, it […]

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Polyface Farms Visit

if you’ve read the Omnivore’s Dilemma or watched Food, Inc, you already know about Polyface Farm. their unique farming methods are only underscored by farmer Joel Salatin, who runs Polyface (the farm of many faces).

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Artomatic 2012

in case you somehow missed the ads on the subway, radio, and local newspapers, Artomatic 2012 just concluded in Crystal City. I was remiss in writing about it – things just got so busy I barely mounted my display wall! but I was really happy about the planning this year. I made paper cutouts for […]

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Pinterest Disinterest

Thankfully someone put into words exactly how I feel about pinterest. In case you haven’t been exposed to it yet, pinterest is a relatively new player in the social media landscape. this article does an excellent job summing up how pinterest works and the author’s view on why it’s a bad thing. I happen to […]

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I didn’t read any of the Harry Potters. I shudder at the thought of picking up a stephanie meyer’s book except to use as a wheel chock for when I need to change the oil in my car. I was, however, intrigued by the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. It is impossible to go […]

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Sinatra at the Sands

“the sands is proud to present a wonderful new show, a man and his music. the music of count basie and his great band. and the man is frank sinatra.” this familiar opening is the start of one of my favorite albums of all time, Sinatra at the Sands. I really like the Frank, Dean, […]

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The problem: big fancy hdtv with no over-the-air signal with no antenna nearby and the stores are already closed. The solution: use a coaxial cable, some chicken wire, a bit of aluminum foil, and a giant steel pot to fashion an antenna this surprisingly worked really well – at first the chicken wire sort of […]

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One Liners – FSM

“Just went from six to midnight” “andre the giant, out of the shot, please. mutumbo, out of the shot!” “I bet you think strippers like you, too” “you sound like you’re from london!”

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The Map

I love free things. I love awesome things. Most of all, I love things that are both awesome and free. this applies to things like national parks, the Smithsonian museums, green markets, and the Express crossword. Recently, my cousin from NYC was able to get a hold of a subway map that is both these […]

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